Simple Everyday Meals: Rice Cakes


I like to keep things simple, and food is no exception. When I first started high school, all the way up until about senior year, I had a habit of skipping breakfast- I thought it was an unnecessary hassle and that it would save time. Who wants to wake up at 5am to cook? As someone who treasures every possible minute of sleep, this sounded quite unappealing.

Freshman year of college, I told myself I’d find healthy foods that I could crave and would make me want to get up from bed and have me looking forward to starting my day. And I did!

These recipes I’m going to be sharing in this post and upcoming posts are extremely simple- some of them can even be prepped from the night before! Which means extra snooze time and who doesn’t like that?

The first meal is one of my personal favorite: rice cakes!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.59.49 AM

– 2 rice cakes
– 1 tbsp of sunbutter or your favorite nut butter
– 1 tbsp of vegan cacao spread (my personal favorite is Artisana’s but there’s a lot of other good ones out there)
– Strawberries
– Bananas
– Blueberries (optional)

Lay out all your ingredients in front of you and place two rice cakes on a plate. Spread 1tbsp of sunbutter on one and 1tbsp of cacao spread on the other. Wash and cut up some strawberries and 1/2 a banana (I use around 2-3 strawberries.) Decorate to taste (I personally enjoy placing bananas on my sunbutter rice cake and strawberries on the cacao spread.) If you’re craving something different, wash up some blueberries as well and use them to garnish your cakes.

… and that’s it! Super simple and super yummy.

Ash xX